Plans & Pricing

Rank awarded - Manager
Can sell only in retail markets
1. One time Rs. 65,000/- worth purchase required.
2. No security money.
3. NA
4. Sell at retail @45% margin.
5. No bar, can open more than one at one place but only one ID per head.
6. Space no bar.
7. Can be opened at home/shop/office.
8. Rank will go up as sales increases.
9. Can build team & add new distributor/wholesalers.
10. 25% earning on their first purchase.
11. 5% referral earning from their re-purchases for lifetime.
12. Also includes rank advancement and other bonuses.
13. Salary starts from Rs. 20,000/m up to Rs. 9 lacs/m if sale volume is 4-5 lacs or more per month.
14. NA
15. NA
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  1. do you have any franchise or distributor in kerala


  2. do you have any franchise or distributor in madhiya pardesh

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