DirecTV Deals and Packages: March 2020

DirecTV has a lot to offer that fits your budget. They offer 155 HD Channels up to 330+ including sports, movies, news, travel channels, cooking channel, even documentaries.


If you are in a tight budget you can go to their basic plan. If you want it all, you can get the Premier package that packed over 330+ channel, You can have them all!

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The updated list of DirecTV Deals and Packages

DirecTV Select Package
The select package comes up with 155 channels, the best option if you don’t want to spend on a lot of TV services. It includes Discovery Chanel, CNN, TNT and more. You can try premium channels like HBO, Showtime and Starz for the first three months.

DirecTV Entertainment Package
Entertainment packed with 166 channels. Basically a Select plan that adds five channels like Fox Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, ESPN 2 and Sports Center. It’s worth the additional $5 if you are a sports fan.

DirecTV Choice Package
Add $5 to the Entertainment Packages that give you a lot for your money. Plus the premium channel preview. Additional 25 channels including IFC, Weather Channel, Travel Channel, MLB Network, the Cooking Channel.

DirecTV Xtra Package
Another 50 channels for a total of 235 channels f you add $10 to your Choice Packages. Also a preview of the premium channels as well. The package includes MTV Classic, National Geographic Channel and NBA TV. This will cost $117 a month after 12 months.

DirecTV Ultimate Package
This is for movie lovers. An additional of 5$ on your Xtra Package will add you 15 more channels. A total of 255 including The Movie Channel and Starz Encore. You can enjoy local channels for international sports.

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DirecTV Premier Package
Staggering 330+ Channels better than the Ultimate Package! Best for movie and sports fanatic. This will include Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime for the movies. Also, I added sports channels like NBS Sports ad ESPN Classic. It will cost you $181 a month after 12 months.