How to Protect Your Internet Security Threats & Privacy?

Privacy It may not only compromise your everyday activities but can also challenge your reputation, both professionally and privately. Always remember, your financial and personal data is very much desirable to cybercriminals. If they manage to steal your identity, they may hack your banking credentials, misuse your business information, and all the things you would never want in your life to happen!


That’s why you must manage your online privacy wisely and your data wiser!

The dangers of unprotected online data

That’s right. Online data is extremely vulnerable to a vast number of privacy and security threats. Some major issues associated with it are:

Information Mishandling

Many websites use cookies and store your personal data for several purposes. Many a time, they do not encrypt this data, and anyone can access it later. This mishandling of your personal or business data may render serious consequences.

Even e-business and e-banking portals are not entirely safe. So, there is a risk that cybercrooks may exploit your sensitive financial information.

Location tracking

People these days never hesitate to post their personal information and current location on social media. This data stays forever on the site and can become a risk for you. Do you know that even Facebook is affected by a data breach in 2018, exposing over 50 million user accounts?


You have no idea how many trackers are spying on you when you are online. Whatever be their purpose, they record your search history and track your activities through several means. This way, they extract a clear picture of your online interests.

While marketers track your data for advertisement purposes tailored to your likes and interests, it’s still a privacy invasion. Worst case – when cybercriminals use your data to execute illegal and unauthorized activities to pose serious threats online.

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Use Privacy shield software. 🛡️

Privacy shield software is essential for all your devices where you use the Internet in order to prevent online threats and fraud. It limits or controls the amount of data exposed to online third parties by using various filters, encryption, and other modern technologies.

The software can offer two types of data protection – protecting identity theft by hiding the IP address of users and second, by erasing or hiding internet traces after surfing. It safeguards your privacy by identifying the weak spots of your device and working on them. It offers:

  • Blacklisting and whitelisting
  • Intrusion detection
  • Encryption
  • Stenography (hiding data and e-surveillance)

Some recommended privacy shield software for you:

VIPRE Privacy Shield

So, you are worried about your data privacy, isn’t it?

And you should, but not if you have VIPRE Privacy Shield installed on your PC! This highly efficient software can protect identity theft by identifying where your sensitive data is stored, including phone number, address, email, credit card credentials, etc. It can intelligently block webcams, microphone snooping, and other data breaches to ensure privacy.

Avira Prime

Secure all your online activities and data with Avira Prime, which safeguards your device, personal searches, shopping, home network, and more. Its powerful antivirus protection saves you from malware and other online threats while automatically updating drivers and the software itself.

BullGuard Premium

Get ultimate cybersecurity using BullGuard Premium Protection to safeguard your identity and online data. This award-winning Anti-malware leverages sophisticated technologies like machine learning to deliver secure browsing and network scanning. Even the master-mind cyber thieves cannot breach its tough protection layers.


Experience unmatched security and privacy by allowing Brave to fight “bravely” with trackers and malware for you. Keeping your data safe is its top priority, and its servers never store or see your browsing information. Even after deleting them, no stains remain.

Exhibiting superior performance, Brave can load web pages 3 to 6 times faster. It offers a user-friendly interface to import settings from other browsers that you use during its welcome tour or afterward via the menus. It creates a list where all your previous browser profiles appear, and you can import data from other browsers as well.


Browse the Internet with confidence on Tor and stay protected against surveillance, tracking, and censorship. Whether you use Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux, you can still download Tor on your device.

The freely distributed software follows a reliable and safe onion-like structure. To protect your privacy, it wraps your data in multiple encryption layers and then sends it securely until it arrives at the correct DNS server.

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Want to use the Internet to have an “epic” surfing experience?

Install the Epic Privacy Browser!

Epic is a secure and private web browser capable of blocking trackers, ads, crypto mining, ultrasound signaling, fingerprinting, and many more. It can stop more than 600 tracking activities in a browsing session on average.


Demystify the power of the Internet using Surfshark without worrying about your privacy and security. It utilizes modern technologies to safeguard you from phishing attempts, malware, and trackers in order to ensure your location stays private along with your data secured every time you surf the Internet.

Hotspot Shield

Swim carefree in the Cyber Ocean to access content anytime, anywhere with Hotspot Shield. Ookla’s Speedtest has verified it as the fastest VPN in the world. Enjoy encrypted browsing to secure your sensitive data by connecting one of its 3200+ VPNs spread across 80+ countries.


Do not ever compromise your privacy.

Trust DuckDuckGo to search for things that brainstorm your mind and get results in a split of seconds. Searching, enjoying secure connection, and blocking trackers are possible effortlessly with this search engine for free.


Crafted with innovation, Ecosia stands from the rest with its unique vision – to plant trees where needed. While delivering you an excellent browsing experience, it utilizes the profit in planting trees in an effort to restore the planet earth.


Always take your online privacy seriously because staying safe on the web has become as crucial as shutting the front door of your house. Save yourself from being robbed online by employing the above-mentioned methods and tools to enjoy surfing the vast ocean of the Internet to seek constant flow of information.