IOT Security Companies you should Know

Security As the Internet of Things expands, threats and potential threats continue to multiply. Fortunately, the market for advanced IoT security is expanding, too, with numerous companies specializing in or at least providing tools to help keep businesses and individuals safe from increasingly sophisticated cyber crime.


“A lot of the manufacturing behind IoT devices today feels like the Gold Rush… everyone wants to get there in a hurry,” John Cook, senior director of product management at Symantec, said at the 2018 RSA conference. “You effectively have people staking out a claim in the area without further thought to security.”


Industry: Cybersecurity

Location: Boston

What it does: Rapid7’s security analytics and automation cloud, Rapid7, helps customers monitor, investigate and resolve vulnerabilities and threats. The company’s IoT penetration testing reportedly covers the whole ecosystem of the IoT technology.


Industry: Home Security

Location: Boston

What it does: SimpliSafe makes a doubly secured (Wi-Fi and cellular), smashproof, power outage-protected home security system that sends confirmed alerts via deep encryption and is backed by six staffed monitoring centers. It even detects fires and leaks — and knows pets from humans.

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Industry: Home Security

Location: Santa Monica, Calif.

What it does: Ring is a home security company that offers IoT-connected video doorbells, security cameras and complete security systems that are accessible by smartphone. There’s also a Neighbors app through which users can get crime alerts from others in their vicinity.


Industry: Public Safety + Wireless

Location: New York

What it does: Invented at MIT, Fluidmesh wirelessly transmits video — including high-def — via AES encryption and a patented transmission protocol. With its mobile product, Fluidity, mobile cameras can transmit live feeds from moving vehicles. The company is a leader in “Wireless Internet of Things” deployments, such as wiring urban areas for video surveillance and other Homeland Security, law-enforcement and military-related applications.


Industry: IT + Cybersecurity

Location: Seattle

What it does: Auth0’s platform provides universal authentication and authorization services for web, mobile, legacy applications and IoT devices. Auth0’s multifactor authentication (MFA) and advanced password hashing algorithms can be used in IoT authentication for better security.


Industry: Cybersecurity

Location: Palo Alto, Calif.

What it does: An agentless IoT service, Armis gives businesses full visibility and control of every device on their network. That means potential intruders can quickly be weeded out and threats averted.


Industry: Cybersecurity

Location: San Francisco

What it does: Bastille’s enterprise threat detection is made possible via “software-defined radio” — meaning every IoT device that’s operating in a company’s airspace is visible. If a threat arises, Bastille’s radio and machine learning technology senses, identifies and shuts it down.

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Industry: Cloud + Cybersecurity

Location: Boise, Idaho

What it does: Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager helps companies improve productivity and reduce costs via functions like zero-touch deployment for device management, simplified management and orchestration that allows for real-time device monitoring and proactive alerts and instant insights on data usage, performance and cost.


Industry: Cloud + Cybersecurity

Location: San Jose, Calif.

What it does: ForeScout’s platform provides businesses and agencies with agentless visibility and control of any device that connects to their network. The company’s patented technology is always assessing and monitoring devices, and its security tools help with incident response, workflow automation and more. Forescout was recently named “IoT Security Company of the Year” in the enterprise category at the IoT Breakthrough Awards.


Industry: Cybersecurity + Wireless

Location: Sunnyvale, Calif.

What it does: Fortinet’s “Security Fabric” service provides an end-to-end IoT security ecosystem by protecting and monitoring all devices on a company’s cloud or wireless network. The architecture allows users to automatically synchronize security resources to enforce policies, coordinate automated responses and streamline control of security solutions.


Industry: Cybersecurity

Location: Boston

What it does: Pwnie Express has developed an “agentless, non-intrusive solution” that helps prevent IoT attacks. Pwnie Express claims to be the only company that detects “rogue, misconfigured and unauthorized devices across wired and wireless spectrums.” It does this by automating wireless and wired device detection so devices on or around any given network that might be targets are continuously monitored.