Leaders Club Review – Leaders Club Facts and Information

Leaders Club is one of the best-kept secrets in the network-marketing world. Few people in network marketing have ever even heard of this resource. Yet Information marketing gurus like Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring and Ann Sieg of Renegade Network Marketer have both leverage this resource. This article will give you the facts and information about Leaders Club that you can not find anywhere else!

What exactly is Leaders Club? Leaders Club was founder by Andre Vatke in 1994. The fact that this company is still in business after close to 15 years in business says a lot. The company got it's start when a couple of top income earners leveraged. Vatke talents to increase their ROI and cut cost in their marketing campaigns that no one else could do!

Andre Vatke actually started in network marketing at age 14. He built an Amway Organization of over a thousand people before he was 18 years old. He cut his teeth in direct response marketing and network marketing before most people even got started!

Leaders Club is truly the largest resource on the Internet for people in network marketing looking for a total makeover of their business. You can buy products like Mike Dillard's or Ann Sieg, but they only scratch the surface of what you really need to know about sponsoring 5 to 20 plus people ever single month into your business!

I have purchased a couple of Mike Dillard course and they offer good value and new information. Yet, what most people in network marketing need is real mentorship. They need someone to take them by the hand and explain what exactly to do to build their business by design and not by chance!

Leaders Club offers many unique programs: LC offers well over 400 hours of recorded training about subjects like:

* End Prospecting Anxiety
* Overcome Prospecting Challenges
* Increase Internal Motivation
* Gain New Skills & Techniques
* End Self-Sabotage
* Unlock Prospecting Confidence
* Tame Marketing Technology
* Spend Your Budget Wisely
* Control Your Lead Flow
* Dramatically Improve Recruiting
* Become A Leader
* Create Your Own Breakthroughs

The best part about Leaders Club is unlike other training programs that throw totals of content at you, but no guidance. LC has a unique custom training program that is based on your personal characteristics. You actually take a personal profile and they Individualized Success Plan or ISP, lays out a unique 90-day game plan for your success!

In reviewing Leaders Club it is important to point out that this company has tons of resources for the average user. The vast amount of training overwhelms some people. What you must consider a couple things before trying out LC: are you serious about your business? Too many people try a new training program, they try to be successful. LC is only for people who are ready to take control over their business.

To find out more about LC here is a link to a 100 minute recording with some of the Top Leaders in Network Marketing:

Find out more here !

Source by John TS Murphy