Motorola Unlocking Without Cables

In this article, I intend to show you that Motorola unlocking without cables is possible. I will also show you how unlocking your Motorola mobile phone can bring great advantages, saving, and making you money.

In the world of mobile phones, the networks rule. They offer customers cheap mobile phones, at subsidised prices. Why are these phones so cheap? Well if you read the small print, you will see that you will be locked into a contract with that network, so you are committed to paying them your hard earned cash for the next 12, 18 or even 24 months. Your mobile phone will not work with any other network. If you insert a SIM card from any other network, you will get the dreaded, “Enter Subsidy Code” message, and have to replace it with the original network Sim card in order to use the phone.

The phone is what is called ‘locked’. This ‘lock’ is not a lock in the physical sense, but a software lock, programmed in by the network to ensure that they recoup the ‘subsidy’ (hence subsidy code) when you signed the contract and bought the phone. And you thought you were getting a good deal, eh?

With most models of phone, this ‘lock’ can be removed, by use of the IMEI code, and a simple piece of software. You simply input the IMEI code, press enter, and type in the resulting 8 digit code, generated by the software. Not with Motorola phones though, oh no. As one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers, they have chosen to ‘lock’ the phones with a different method. Each phone has its own ‘subsidy code’, which is linked to the IMEI code by a special mathematical algorithm. Until now, IMEI unlocking has not been possible for Motorola’s. Until now.

With the release of Mototools 6 IMEI Unlocking Software, unlocking for Motorola’s has jumped into the 21st century, and IMEI unlocking for Motorola mobile phones is now a reality!

By removing this unlock you will be able to:

o Use your phone with any network of YOUR choice.

o Not be charged any roaming charges when using the phone abroad.

o Increase the phones resale value by over 100%

I myself, have used this software, and found it simple and straightforward to use, unlocking my RAZR V3 in under 3 minutes. I well recommend this software if you own a Motorola mobile phone.

Source by Karl Barnes