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Leaders Club Review – Leaders Club Facts and Information

Leaders Club is one of the best-kept secrets in the network-marketing world. Few people in network marketing have ever even heard of this resource. Yet Information marketing gurus like Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring and Ann Sieg of Renegade Network Marketer have both leverage this resource. This article will give you the facts and information about Leaders Club that you can not find anywhere else!

What exactly is Leaders Club? Leaders Club was founder by Andre Vatke in 1994. The fact that this company is still in business after close to 15 years in business says a lot. The company got it's start when a couple of top income earners leveraged. Vatke talents to increase their ROI and cut cost in their marketing campaigns that no one else could do!

Andre Vatke actually started in network marketing at age 14. He built an Amway Organization of over a thousand people before he was 18 years old. He cut his teeth in direct response marketing and network marketing before most people even got started!

Leaders Club is truly the largest resource on the Internet for people in network marketing looking for a total makeover of their business. You can buy products like Mike Dillard's or Ann Sieg, but they only scratch the surface of what you really need to know about sponsoring 5 to 20 plus people ever single month into your business!

I have purchased a couple of Mike Dillard course and they offer good value and new information. Yet, what most people in network marketing need is real mentorship. They need someone to take them by the hand and explain what exactly to do to build their business by design and not by chance!

Leaders Club offers many unique programs: LC offers well over 400 hours of recorded training about subjects like:

* End Prospecting Anxiety
* Overcome Prospecting Challenges
* Increase Internal Motivation
* Gain New Skills & Techniques
* End Self-Sabotage
* Unlock Prospecting Confidence
* Tame Marketing Technology
* Spend Your Budget Wisely
* Control Your Lead Flow
* Dramatically Improve Recruiting
* Become A Leader
* Create Your Own Breakthroughs

The best part about Leaders Club is unlike other training programs that throw totals of content at you, but no guidance. LC has a unique custom training program that is based on your personal characteristics. You actually take a personal profile and they Individualized Success Plan or ISP, lays out a unique 90-day game plan for your success!

In reviewing Leaders Club it is important to point out that this company has tons of resources for the average user. The vast amount of training overwhelms some people. What you must consider a couple things before trying out LC: are you serious about your business? Too many people try a new training program, they try to be successful. LC is only for people who are ready to take control over their business.

To find out more about LC here is a link to a 100 minute recording with some of the Top Leaders in Network Marketing:

Find out more here !

Source by John TS Murphy

Leadership Lessons From The Social Network: Teamwork

The movie, The Social Network, is a powerful portrait of how the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his team, started out with a dream and a $ 1000 start-up, to become the youngest billionaire in the world. At the point of writing, Facebook is valued to be worth at least $ 50 billion, and this would mean that she is worth more than eBay, Yahoo, and Time Warner. This is a very impressive result given the fact that Facebook was launched in February 2004.

There are also plenty of lessons that this movie can teach us about leadership and team management, and this is the final series of the trilogy. There may be certain information in the movie that had been exaggerated to increase the excitation level, as even Zuckerberg himself, calls The Social Network "inaccurate". Here I would take all these information with a pinch of salt and relate most of the lessons learned, from the movie itself, and not from real life.

In this article, I will share about teamwork and how it can help you unlock the true potential as a leader.

Proper Delegation of Work . The whole team can only do well when you know what their job scopes are. In one of the scenes in the Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to expand The Face Book, and he directed his team on their roles, and what they were supposed to do. And when the two ladies who were present in the living room, asked if they could help in any way, he reduced them without much thought because at that moment, he knew that he did not require their help in any way. On the other hand, he specifically told the others what their tasks were.

Even the Winklevoss brothers had specific roles for their team. And they knew that they were deficient in a particular talent when their programmer left the team to concentrate on his studies. When news broke out that Zuckerberg was able to shut down the Harvard traffic with his "prank", they immediately reached out to him and shared with him their ideas so that he could work for them.

Once you know what your team is supposed to be made up of, you would be able to find the right person for the job. You need to set stretched and measurable goals for them and you also need to be informed of the progress. Effective delegation is not merely pushing away the jobs that were meant for you. Effective delegation is to ensure that the person with the right skill does what he or she knows best.

For example, let's presume that you intend to increase your customer base with a promotional blitz. Firstly, you need to know who your team members are in this project. Secondly, you then need to identify who does what, and their deliverables by a certain time. Thereafter, Jane must come up with the product packages and links with other partners, and John must reach out to X advertising companies with the marketing materials. Once once the planning stage is over, the real action must start so that the project starts to roll with momentum from all parties.

Build Quality Relationships First, then Your Business. Now, not every partner will work together initially. It's your job to iron out the differences. And fast. In The Social Network, Eduardo Saverin had his own ideas in ensuing success of the company. However, Mark Zuckerberg had his own ideas too. And while, Saverin was Chief Financial Officer in the business, Zuckerberg proceeded to pull Sean Parker, founder of Napster into the team. Parker and Saverin were portrayed to have mutual dislike for each other and when your teammates distrust each other, unless you find time to sort things out, many issues will simply be swept under the carpet and it will fester.

As a leader, you need to take the time to understand your partners in the business because people want you to understand their aspirations and dreams. They want you to understand what they are good in, and where they can fit in with regard to projects. Why would you want to place a person with zero knowledge in sales without first training him? And have you spent the time to understand if he even likes sales? So by investing time to understand your core team members in the business, you would be building quality relationships.

Here understand your team, and they will learn to understand you. It will definitely take time and that's the fun and rewarding part in building a team.

Source by Chew Mark

Opportunity Zoom Review – Can Opportunity Zoom Live Up to the Hype?

Opportunity Zoom is a new company in Pre-launch, with plans on changing the video marketing industry, as they claim to be the most powerful Social Media Ad program in the world. This Opportunity Zoom Review will be offering my perspective on whether it's a scam, or legitimate opportunity for you to earn a solid income in the home based business industry.

First off, I have been fortunately enough to build an organization within the network marketing industry which has distributors in 18 different countries. So I definitely have some back ground when it comes to this industry.

There are several different reasons that will determine whether a network marketing company will fail or succeed.This review is dedicated to giving you some of those reasons.

Reason # 1 A network marketing company is worthless unless you have the right people backing it up.By that I mean you have to have a great degree of influence over their people to guide them in a certain direction when you have that a new company can grow very fast.

Reason # 2 A company has to have an unique product and in this case Opportunity Zoom have been testing their powerful Social Media Ad system for a few years now before bringing it to the marketplace and the fact that this is all done on YouTube is a major plus because YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the internet.

So this company is tapping into a busy highway of traffic for people to advertise on.

Once the word gets out that people are winning successful results from promoting their businesses through this medium of advertising with your ad on the thousands of videos Opportunity Zoom upload daily, Big leaders in the network marketing industry will join and then they will become a very successful venture for anyone wherever you are in the network marketing industry or not. Here we have a situation where this brand new company can help you promote your existing business whatever that may be even if it is another network marketing company

Many people who I know, who I respect tremendously for their accomplishments in life and business, are excited about Opportunity Zoom. It appears to be gaining the attention of some industry leaders, and that's ALWAYS a necessity for a start up company.

So far my review on this exciting new company looks promising but I have to say one other thing and that is for any aspiring entrepreneurs out there starting out a word of warning that no matter how great Opportunity Zoom or any other business for that matter may seem , you have to know the major principals behind marketing first.

By that I mean you have to know how to market, generate your own leads, and have your own personally branded marketing system. This is the true formula for success, and leads to most good in the long run. If you follow that formula, and really SEEK knowledge to market your business like a professional … then you will have major advantages over most Opportunity Zoom Distributors.

Source by Here O'Riordan

Top 3 Benefits of Joining a MLM Company

As the number one income earner in my MLM company, I can tell you there are many reasons to join a network marketing company. Network marketing has given me the time freedom to do what I want with who I want, when I want. If you are considering joining a MLM company, here are some considerations:

Joining a MLM company is NOT just for the money (but it helps)

I personally know people who have made millions of dollars in network marketing but that is not the only reason to do it. There are many ways to make a big income in this world but none that I believe have as low amount of risk or as high as amount of residual income as a network marketing company. I got into real estate for residual income and started buying low income rental houses and let me tell you, there is NOTHING low risk about that! When you have low risk and high residual income, that greatly affects your lifestyle. Some people may not need more money but most people would like a better lifestyle.

Joining a Network Marketing company may get you to see the world

Since joining my networking company about 18 months ago, I have won the following company trips:

– A 5 day stay in St Kitts
– a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas
– a 4 day stay at the Atlantis Resort
– a 7 day cruise through the western Caribbean
– a 7 day cruise through the eastern Caribbean

MLM companies like to reward the families of high producers and they do things that no other type of industry does.

Joining and succeeding at a MLM company means no longer asking permission

The biggest thing I do not miss about corporate America is asking for permission. Asking for permission if I can take time off to take my kids to the dentist. I no longer have to ask for permission to take time off to attend someone's wedding. I guess since joining a MLM company, I am unemployable!

Source by Ray Higdon

Will Network Marketing Robo-Calling Get You To Run For Your Checkbook And Sign-Up?

Or will it make you run for the hills?

The good news is: network marketers have a new marketing tool. The bad news is: this new tool, robo-calling, makes annoying calls to other network marketers who – like me – are foolish enough to put their telephone number on their blog or website.

Perfect timing. I will be right back, my cell phone is ringing.

The caller id reveals that my caller is calling me from 1-866-3723141. The number does not look familiar but I answer it…although usually an “800” number just smells of a network marketer spammer. Turns out this was a live call center call made on behalf of a network marketer. Guess the networker was too gutless to make the call on his/her own. The caller identified himself as “Jay” and began his spiel, “Andy, I understand that you are looking for another way to supplement your income…” I informed my good buddy “Jay” that I was not interested. Click. (I was trained to reverse recruit any telemarketer but in my nearly 20 years in this business, I have yet to see any result from this technique except wasting a lot of time and energy.)

If you want to annoy any MLMer who is working this business, by all means sign-up for one of these “we will call prospects for you” or “robo-calling services”. But what will be the results? Will you attract top networkers into your business? Or will you attract the bottom feeders who like this robo-calling approach and are eager to join your business with the hopes that they too can have someone else dial for dollars for them.

I hate to burst your bubble but there is no easy way to build your network marketing business. There is no one in the world better able to sincerely present you as YOU. Your leaders can assist you with three way calls to assist you in speaking to your prospects but ultimately if you really want them to join your business, they must have confidence in YOU…not me…not your leaders.

Do I have enough confidence in a “Jay” to even listen to his pitch realizing that he is making a call on behalf of someone else? (By the way, “Jay”, lose the “800” number that you are calling from. You will get more people picking up their phones even if it is from an area code they are not familiar with than picking up a phone called from an “800” number.)

Some networkers are quite successful at making their own cold calls. Be assured, I am not one of them. What I do is use various marketing techniques to get potential recruits calling me, ASKING me what it is all about rather than my calling them and TELLING them what it is all about.

Gotta go. My cell phone is going off again. One can only hope it is “Jay” calling me back.

Source by Andy J. Acciaioli

Network Marketing Providing a Service

Network marketing is one of the most effective ways of selling products and providing a service to others. Most successful networkers have a strong belief, commitment and value.

The core principle and function is to provide a service to others, if you help enough people to get what they want, you will usually get what you want. This is why you need the strong belief and commitment to make it work.

Ever since 1949 when the first company Nutrille (A Californian based food supplement business) realized the potential of creating a network of distributors who were paid a percentage of the sales and creating growth for the business.

It was only the late 1950 that 2 leading distributors broke away due to issues with internal management and the lack of leadership. Although they were bound by their commitment to the people they have brought into the business they formed a partnership and set up a direct selling networking company which operated in over 50 countries and commanded 10% total annual sales on a global market.

The two partners were, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel and the company was The Amway Corporation.

Their core principle was, Service to others, duplication, leadership, integrity, fairness and justice. Which leads them to coming up with a whole new business philosophy and marketing plan.

Their main philosophy was to generate a sense of security and well being that could strengthen family values ​​and bring a balance in their lives. These were, Mental (working for yourself and having an income), Emotional (being part of something that grows with you), Physical (taking the products) and Spiritual (developing their contribution).

This is still true of a networking business today besides the physical, unless you are involved with a health product. (Which still seems to be a popular choice of product to market). You have to be committed to continuous learning and develop new skills, business and personal, along the way.

Source by K Bevan

Pioneer PRO-111FD 50 Elite KURO Plasma TV (With Network Media Player) – The Best HDTV in the Market

Design: The 50-inch Pioneer PRO-111FD 50 Elite KURO goes for a no-frills all black look with a simple, glossy-black frame. Featuring detachable speakers on both sides, the plasma HDTV measures about 56.9 inches wide by 31 inches high by 13.8 inches deep and weighs at an impressive 88 pounds.

Specifications: The Pioneer PRO-111FD 50 Elite KURO offers a 50 inch widescreen Plasma display with 1920×1080 resolution for up to 1080p FullHD video. Audio-wise the HDTV offers Stereo, Surround sound, SRS WOW, TruBass, SRS Focus with balance, bass and treble controls. Each speaker offers 18 Watts for a total output power of 36 Watts. The network multimedia player supports digital audio playback, digital photo playback and digital video playback along with AAC, AC3, MP3, PCM, WAV, WMA, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF file format support.

Connection-wise the HDTV offers four HDMI inputs, one component-video input, one AV input with S-Video and composite video, one AV input with only composite video, a PC input (at 1280×1024 maximum resolution), an RF input for cable and antenna, an analog audio output and an optical digital audio output, along with a LAN port. The side panel offers another AV input, a headphone jack and a USB port.

Features & Performance: The Pioneer PRO-111FD 50 Elite KURO's menu system looks nicer and is easier to navigate. While the HDTV offers all the controls and options available to tweak your picture the preset Pure mode was by far the best and most accurate with plenty automatic functions for the perfect picture.

Picture quality on the Pioneer PRO-111FD 50 Elite KURO is at the pinnacle of any scale available with the deepest blacks around and the most accurate color. Excellent video processing complements the glare reducing screen while the various control options allow you to tweak anything. The extra functions like network and Internet connectivity along with the built-in media player just add more value to an already near perfect plasma HDTV justifying the larger price tag.

Source by Tim Pecunia

The Family University Network: Unplugging Institutional Higher Education

Why not build a Christian family enterprise with the energy, funding, and infrastructure that would otherwise build the state or private educational institutions?

It is common knowledge today that serious moral problems exist in families, churches, schools, colleges, corporations, and political arena. These problems have academic, moral, and philosophical roots reaching back centuries, and have been promoted by the systematic separation of knowledge from faith in God. The significant amount of teaching required to equip people with the ability to discern the times and apply Scripture by faith to all areas of life, requires diligence in all areas of learning, and at all levels of education.

Secular universities are openly hostile to the Christian worldview, and the best of the Christian colleges cannot replicate the family away from home. Nehemiah Institute worldview assessment of 1177 students in 18 Christian colleges over 7 years demonstrated that Christian students are graduating from Christian institutions with a secular humanism worldview, even where their professors have a Biblical Theist worldview. Even the above average Christian colleges are little better than their secular counterpart because the curricula are developed under the same institutional accreditation guidelines, the same text books are used, many of the faculty were trained at secular institutions, and the family learning context is ignored.

Even the best of Christian distance education does not purposefully involve the family in the learning process, nor couple with individual family convictions, nor uses the family knowledge base, nor earns family income. It is time to unplug institutional higher education and bring higher education home.

The establishment of family universities and networks based on the fellowship of the church is one solution. This can help individuals and families implement the Christian philosophy of education through developing their own family university and complementary business as a part of the dominion mandate (Psalm 8).

University education needs to be reinvented with a Biblical understanding to strengthen the family and church. Christian people can easily learn how a family university can uniquely provide the humble, relational, and Spirit led ideal Biblical higher education for their young adults to participate in building a strong Christian family, church and culture.

The benefit of a network for learning was forseen by Ivan Illich, philosopher of the 1970s who spoke in favor of home education. He stated that “If the networks I have described could emerge, the educational path of each student would be his own to follow, and only in retrospect would it take on the features of a recognizable program. The wise student would periodically seek professional advice: assistance to set a new goal, insight into difficulties encountered choice between possible methods. Even now, most persons would admit that the important services their teachers have rendered them are such advice or counsel, given at a chance meeting or in a tutorial. Pedagogues, in an unschooled world, would also come into their own, and be able to do what frustrated teachers pretend to pursue today.” Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society, 1970.

There is only one such family university network in operation at this time, but the time has come for this concept and therefore this is likely just the beginning of home schooling expanding into home college.

Source by James Bartlett

The Importance of Utilizing Network Marketing Genealogy Lists

I originally had some reservations about writing this article because I felt like the content was probably well understood. I mean after all, this forum is full of network marketing professionals who I assume know a thing or two about marketing.

However, I was told a long time ago to never assume, because when you do, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” If you’re under 30, you’ve probably have never heard that huh?

Anyway, I have a quick question for you.

How are you building your network marketing business?

Sorry, what I meant to say is besides using what your sponsor told you, what marketing methods are you using to garner fresh targeted leads to build your business? Are you creating YouTube videos, or are you using Social Media, Solo ads, Traffic exchanges, PPC, Article Marketing, Forums, Blogging?

Every one of the methods above work great… if implemented consistently. Here’s a cautionary tip though. Using Pay-per-Click advertising can be costly if you don’t know what you’re doing. I use some of the above methods myself. And I get a lot of traffic.. But there’s one method I didn’t include that I thought I should include.

Network Marketing Genealogy Lists!

Know what they are? And if so. Are you using them? If not, why not?

For those of you who don’t know what they are, Network Marketing Genealogy lead lists consists of the names of people who have signed up as a distributor for a network marketing company either in the past or are currently with a network marketing company plus their email and telephone number.

The people on these lists are obviously the ones you want to share your business opportunity with because they are proven buyers who will take action, and they have already proven to do so. They have paid their hard-earned money to get started in one program or another and have a genuine interest in either network marketing or other related offers.

With the caliber of people on these lists, you don’t have to convince them of the legitimacy of your business. They’re not the type that’s going to think you’re an alien from outer space when you talk to them about it.

And one more thing about genealogy leads, they provide a super effective way of reaching other like-minded leaders with which to help you grow your business! These heavy hitters know other heavy hitters and top producers in the industry who they can call upon to join them should they get excited about your offer. Talk about building your downline fast. Whew! You get a hold of one these heavy hitters and you’re all set.

Source by Frank Mayes

Free Direct TV and Dish Network Deals – What’s the Catch?

Are you interested in getting a free satellite tv system? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you’ve heard about the free deals that Direct TV and Dish Network are giving to their online customers. Sure these offers sound great, but what’s the catch?

Dish Network and Direct TV are giving away free satellite tv systems and installation in up to 4 rooms to first-time customers. They’re also offering free upgrades to their DVR and HDTV receivers, and usually give discounts on programming or free upgrades to your programming package for the first few months. Obviously, these are great deals, but there are a few things you should know before ordering your new satellite tv system online.

Activation Fees?

Dish Network charges a one-time fee of $49.99, but you get it back as a credit to your first bill. Direct TV doesn’t charge you any upfront fee, but you may have to pay for shipping if your deal doesn’t include it. Both companies charge a small deposit if you have bad credit.

Do I have to sign a contract?

That’s right! Since Dish Network or Direct TV is giving you quite a bit of free service and equipment, they want to make sure you’ll remain a paying customer until they’ve made their money back. This means you will have to agree to an 18 month contract (similar to a cell phone contract) with Dish Network. Direct TV’s contract varies according to your system. You will sign a 1 year contract for normal or HD systems, and a 2 year contract if you opt for a DVR system.

Here’s the bottom line.

Now, the authorized dealers of these two satellite tv companies don’t exactly advertise the activation fees and the contracts required for these free deals. They just don’t want to scare you away before you’ve seen the offers. Even with the contracts and activation fees, these are still great deals.

Source by Chris Padgett