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Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN Review: How Can This Virtual Private Server Solution Protect You?

If you are looking for a user-friendly, affordable VPN solution, it’s a good idea to consider Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN. Keep your communications and data private and safe whenever you are using the internet. This company is well-known for its reliable anti-virus software so it is not surprising that it has expanded its package to include VPN services. It starts out as a free service, but it’s worthwhile to go with the paid package, which is extremely affordable and includes protection for up to 5 devices.

Not only can you expect protection on your own private Wi-Fi network, but on public Wi-Fi connections as well. Your communications are always kept private and you’ll be able to access more websites and content. Whenever you want to surf the internet, you’ll be automatically offered to connect via Virtual Private Network. It’s very easy to use, even if you have no experience with VPN technology.

The technology offered by Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN is available in 18 countries. It doesn’t keep any logs and includes 18 IP addresses. With the free version, you get a data allowance of 200MB per day, or 300MB per day if the application is connected to your “My Kaspersky” account. If you want unlimited data, the paid plans, once again, are very affordable. The virtual location with the free version is automatically selected for you. Upgrade if you want to select from one of the 18 countries yourself.

Protecting Android Devices With Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN

The tools are compatible with more than just your PC. You are protected on Android tablets and smartphones as well. Since your IP address and location are not revealed when connected via VPN, it is easier for you to access content in other regions that you would otherwise be blocked from viewing. Secure Connection will not log what you are doing while you are connected and therefore won’t keep any records of which sites you visit. Shop all you want, do all the banking you want, stream videos, socialize, date, etc… : you will be 100% secure the entire time. All of the data sent and received is transferred though an encrypted, secure channel.

It’s not just hackers you have to worry about. Your own ISP can track and sell information about which sites you visit and your browsing habits. Annoying advertisers are able to track your browsing habits these days as well.

No matter what you want to do, you can trust that Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN will keep it all secure and protected. It’s definitely worth going with the subscription option so that you can have unlimited data.

Kaspersky Lab was founded in 1997 and has grown to be a leading cyber-security company. The products are among the most reliable and trusted in the world. If you want highly-tested, award-winning security for your home or business internet network, use Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN coupons to get a great deal.

Source by George Botwin

Network Marketing – Is This Amway?

Love it or hate it, Network Marketing is a model of consumer product and service distribution that has been around for decades.

Despite many illegal “look-a-like” business models surfacing over the years, the basic Network Marketing principals remain a positive, LEGAL and powerful method of distribution.

In the last couple of decades, trying to develop a successful Network Marketing Business has been hard. There was a lot of negative thoughts going around during the 1980’s, in most cases, unfavourable decisions made by Independent distributors led for an unfair opinion of the industry. Amway for example had several problems relating to the distribution of books and tapes through a specific distributor organisation. Amway has had several lawsuits brought against it, often these were related to Distributors activities and not a fault of the Products or the distribution model.

Despite the fact that problems and negativity arose from individual actions, not as a result of the distribution model itself, and despite literally hundreds of Network Marketing Businesses that have NO connection to Amway. I am still today after more than 15 years in the Network Marketing industry, surprised to hear “Is this Amway?” question with 3 out of every 5 people I speak to.

Amway was the first Network Marketing Company I represented. I started when I was 18. In fact I had the paper work ready to send in waiting to turn 18 (The legal age for distributorship at the time).

I believed in the concept. I agreed with the Model of distribution. I was motivated and determined. What I wasn’t prepared for was the huge negative opinion Amway had. I consider my days with Amway a Learning curve. I did learn a lot. I still have books on my shelf that I still refer to everyday for one reason or another.

I no longer represent Amway, though I do have a HUGE emotional connection and belief in the company. It set the basis for many companies that followed. There are now hundreds of Network Marketing Companies that exist due to the concept created (or enhanced) by Amway.

Even though I do not represent Amway now, I am still amazed at the number of people who ask the question when I speak about the company I represent.

“Is this Amway…”, would probably be at the top of the list as the most asked question or refusal to look at an opportunity.

It is probably an unfair comparison to automatically compare any Network Marketing Organisation to Amway, simply because the model of distribution is the same or similar.

Next time you are offered an opportunity, look a little deeper before asking the infamous question, Is this Amway?

Source by Eric J Smith

Get a Great Career in Information Security With Checkpoint Certification Training

In a world that is getting increasingly competitive, mastering a unique skill is the best way to ensure a bright and successful career. Considering our increasing reliance on computers and the global interconnection of networks, a course that helps you secure the flow of information from one system to another is going to offer a lot of opportunities. The Check Point program is a great option for those who are technologically inclined, and wish to make a career out of making information safer for the rest of the world. The 3D security tool is incredibly powerful, and an ever-growing number of businesses are starting to use it. Learning how to set it up, configure it based on the needs of a company, and troubleshoot any problems that arise will make sure that you get an attractive job offer from a top company. Undergo Certification training today, and you will be one step closer to the perfect career that you have always envisioned for yourself.

Learn more about Check Point training

The training program comes in two flavors; Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) training, and Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) training. For those new to the information security sector, CCSA training opens the gates and provides the foundation for working as a security administrator. For those who have already successfully completed this program, CCSE training is the next step and provides advanced data and network security training and makes you eligible for better job opportunities in Information Security sector.

What is CCSA and CCSE?

CCSA stands for Check Point Certified Security Administrator, and is the primary course that you need to master in order to work as a security administrator for any organization that uses the 3D security software. CCSE is the next level of this program, and stands for Check Point Certified Security Expert. You can opt for CCSA training programs are offered by many leading organizations, and generally a 2-3 day training course provides you hands on training for the official test. Once you have mastered CCSA, you then become eligible to apply for the CCSE program. CCSE training is offered by several organizations as well, helping you master the Information Security tool faster and ensure that you clear the certification exam.

Opt for CCSA and CCSE training today and become a Check Point expert to ensure a great career in the field of network and Information Security.

Source by Rama Krishna N

5 Benefits of VPN for Your Business

VPN- like a firewall, protects you and your data when you are online. Like a private network, it provides the same security, anonymity, and functionality in your workspace. Behind the scene, VPN acts as a relay between your computer and the Internet such that nobody can see your activities online. It is therefore important that any business seeking to provide a secure network for its client consider VPN network important assets in its infrastructure.

Benefits of VPN.

1. Secure.

Surely, this is one reason your business should invest in a VPN network. The threat of hackers, data breach and eavesdropping has escalated tremendously over the past few years. VPN encrypts your data every time you send data or information over the Internet. By keeping employees from public networks, VPN ensures that their privacy is guaranteed and their activities protected from prying eyes.

2. Privacy.

What’s more advantages with VPN networks is that it still works even with a public Wi-Fi network? A VPN connection ensures that nobody can eavesdrop on your activities even when using unsecured access points since your data will always be encrypted.

3. Speed.

As much as we may prefer to retain privacy and stay secure online, we need our connection to be super fast. A VPN connection only becomes useful when its speed is lightning fast. This makes it easier to perform the data-intensive task such uploading, downloading, and streaming on your network.

4. Encryption.

A VPN network should basically be able to disguise your IP address by blending it with that of other users. By encrypting your data and connection between your computer and VPN servers, VPN ensures that your data is not seen by third parties like your ISP or local Wi-Fi operator. Besides, this extra set of encryption will go along way in protecting you from Cyber-crime.

5. Killswitch.

A kill switch is an essential feature in VPNs. How does a kill switch works? If you were connected to the internet, then suddenly your Internet connection goes down your computer defaults back to the IP address of your ISP without your knowledge. This increases your vulnerabilities and exposes you to attacks. The kill switch element in VPN connections counters this issue by cutting your Internet connection fully letting you stay private.

Owing to increase in Internet usage and the volume of online threats, the demand for VPN services has risen tremendously making this service a prerequisite for any business.Be wise by securing your business and yourself from uncertainty emanating from the Internet. Choose a VPN service that suits your business needs.

Source by Derick Omondi Okech

Cyber Hacking Is Taking Place In Your Homes and WiFi Hotspots Right Now

You have your computer protected with firewalls and anti-virus programs. That is great. How protected is the data you are sending out. Which would be the most painful, traumatic, and the most expensive loss? The computer hardware itself, or the information hackers retrieve from the data?

This data can be used to bring harm to you, your family, and your property. Every picture you or your children send to their friends, and the world to see has GPS coordinates that pinpoint the location within three feet of where it was taken. Do you really want unwanted intruders to know which part of the playground your grandchildren favor, or what school they go to, or where they go for recreation, or where they live?

If you:

  • Use a smart phone or digital camera to take pictures
  • Use WiFi, Google, Twitter or Facebook
  • Upload, send or email pictures in any form over the internet

Your family could be the targets of predators on the internet.

Did You Know! There are easy to download programs that will allow almost ANYONE in less than 5 minutes to:

  • Steal your private passwords.
  • Steal your Social Security Number.
  • Steal your credit card information.
  • Steal your banking account numbers and passwords
  • Pinpoint to within three feet of where you took your uploaded photos

I did a Google search for “free WiFi hacking software” and the results were about 1,570,000 in 0.32 seconds. The threat is real.

In addition to individuals or families many small businesses are not aware of the threats or they think that protection is not available at a reasonable price.

Here is a vulnerability audit to help you analyze your risk

  • Does your business currently use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) security network for remote access to your company’s network? Yes___ No___ No=20
  • Do you have employees that work from home or travel and use their mobile devices or laptops to send/communicate confidential information data to the home office? Yes___ No___ Yes=10
  • Are you aware that your employees that access your network servers through wireless hotspots such as WiFi in hotels, airports, and coffee shops are most vulnerable to hack attacks which can lead to your confidential information being stolen? Yes___ No___ No=10
  • Does your business store or send sensitive data that would be valuable to cyber criminals such as proprietary information about your company, employees, or customers? Yes___ No___ Yes=10
  • Do your employees use their laptops or mobile devices at home or in an unsecured environment like airports, hotels, WiFi Hotspots to access your company network? Yes___ No___ Yes=10
  • Do your employees email confidential company information from their home computers, personal laptops, or mobile devices? Yes___ No___ Yes=10
  • Is your business fully protected from cyber hacking because you currently have a firewall, anti-virus protection or a secure router? Yes___ No___ Yes=5
  • Is your business infrastructure adequately in terms of preventing network security breaches and cyber hacking? Yes___ No___ No=5
  • Do you allow mobile devices and/or laptops personally owned by employees to access your company’s network? Yes___ No___ Yes=10
  • Is network security protection, planning and training given sufficient emphasis and funding within your organization? Yes___ No___ No=10


Score Risk Level

0-30 Low

30-50 Medium

50-70 High

70-100 Extremely High

Here is a partial list of photo sites that Geo Tag your photo information:

Flickr, Fotki, Memeo,, Picasa Web Album, Shutterfly, SmugMug, Snapfish, Zenfolio, and Zoomer.

Arm yourself against internet hackers!

Source by Richard Pexton

Impact Of Information Technology On The City of Dubai

Dubai is one among the other seven Emirates city; it is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse blend of culture. It is a home to a large number of expatriate population. As the globally renowned companies have based themselves in Dubai, the city has become a perfect platform to launch as well as promote services. With a superior infrastructure and world-class business practices, Dubai is voted as one of the easiest cities to start a new business because of its growing IT services.

The drastic changes in the business sectors of Dubai have attracted many IT firms, and most of the successful IT Companies have chosen Dubai as its headquarters. The city targets on the growth of information and technology, and this led to the foundation of Dubai Silicon Oasis and Dubai Internet City. Dubai has emerged as a regional hub for IT. It is the perfect location and is easily approachable to world’s fastest growing IT industry. There are several opportunities available for Software Developing, Network Designing, Hardware Manufacturing, and Penetration testing in Dubai as well as for other service providers. These all are the elements of the IT industry. We will discuss more on this in the below sections.

Software development Market in Dubai

The software market is very large. It comprises of different areas such as – development, maintenance, publications using different models and deployments. The software industry expanded in the 20th century before this computer was either programmed by the customers by itself. Dubai is one of the fastest growing markets for software. Especially, huge demand has been seen in the ERP and CRM software. As the ERP, market modernization has contributed towards the various initiatives in increasing international competitiveness. From the year 2014 to 2015, the market faced a growth of 7 percent. The IT sector of UAE is forecasted to reach USD 5 billion in the year 2015.

Network Security Services Dubai

Network Security services is a platform that provides a security-enabled client that serves to secure software. The software security threats are transforming the way we do our businesses. In order to make business more efficient and cost effective, it is important to save the business software from Cyber threats. As the demand of software is increasing, simultaneously the demand of network security threats is also leading. As a result, professional and qualified service operates are required to safeguard business from threats in the Dubai IT sector.

Penetration Testing Market Dubai

A software attack on a computer system that is aimed to look for vulnerabilities or security weaknesses, in turn gaining access to the data on the computer is known as a penetration test or more widely known as pen test. Every day lots of communicational and commercial activities take place over the network, leading to the increase in cybercrime, targeting individuals, companies, and government. It was reported that the rate of cyber crime was increased by 88percent from the year 2013 to 2014. Therefore, it has become highly viable to the existence of penetration testing in Dubai. This has brought to the development of antivirus and cyber security services providers in the city.

The 21st century has seen an undeniable rise in the use of internet and keeping up with the trend, Dubai also offers you pretty much anything you need on the internet. Starting from small scale to the biggest business, Dubai has its share of all kinds of business. The IT sector though has had a huge boost over the past decade.

Source by Andy Gabriel

Advanced VMS Features for Heightened Security

Basic Features

Video management solutions seamlessly integrate all components of surveillance into an advanced turn-key solution that provides customers with extreme functionality and value. They often:

• Incorporate an Intuitive UI: VMS offers user-intuitive graphical user interface that makes user experience easier while simultaneously supporting security best practices. Users can choose from a wide selection of viewing configurations including split screens and multiple resolution options.

• Enable End-to-End Management: VMS is a power-house of intelligent features and functions that bring together network cameras, encoders, DVRs and NVRs and combine them into an extremely powerful and cost-efficient video surveillance management tool for end-to-end security management.

• Incorporate Advanced Features: VMS enables administrators to import site maps and overlay them with icons that represent the locations of installed cameras. Operators can retrieve and view recorded video for additional intelligence.

• Provide Alarm Management: VMS has an in-built alarm management feature; icons can be set to pop-up whenever there is an alarm-related event, facilitating quick monitoring (and action) of live images from the camera nearest to the incident.

• Ensure Real-time Management: VMS offers real-time event viewer with an event log. This log can be sorted by camera (number, location or type) or event (time or type) for further analysis and as evidence proof.

• Offer Easy Integration: Operators can easily register and integrate new devices into the VMS and conduct periodic health check of all the devices in the network to ensure round-the-clock security.

Advanced Features

In an ever growing industry like security and surveillance, camera manufacturers need to radically change the way innovative security solutions are delivered. A commitment to leading industry standards, in addition to multiple integration options, a highly distributed network architecture and cloud storage options are extremely sought after. Let’s look at some of the other advanced features that are transforming the video management space:

• Encryption: In an age where hackers are looming and the risk of cyber security threats is intimidating, encryption has become a major requirement. Modern VMS enables encrypted communication between surveillance cameras through a secure HTTPS connection, improving the security of content, and reducing the risk hacking.

• Advanced Search: Sifting through millions of TB of data is often a time consuming (and futile) process. Modern VMS possesses advanced search options, and that drastically reduces investigation time and help in quick identification of suspicious activity, people, objects and events. Choose from motion search, image search, or text search and retrieve the required content in no time.

• Real-time Maps: With VMS, you can achieve faster navigation to cameras using their physical location and easily view the layout of a location using the maps feature. Get a list of all the maps on the server, zoom in and out, view health indicators and show and hide cameras in different locations to get a birds-eye view of security around the premise.

• Multiple Viewing: Using VMS, you can view multiple, simultaneous video streams and effectively monitor multiple areas of interest. Set up the most critical locations on the salvo, configure basic information, add the cameras and get a complete view of your premise.

• Cloud Storage: VMS uses NVRs that are specially designed to work with cloud storage. You can store a large amount of data on the cloud and access recorded video content from anywhere using your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Since files are not stored locally, even if your equipment is damaged or stolen, the videos are still safe.

• Virtual Tours: Modern VMS offers a tour feature that enables operators to pre-define a sequence of cameras to automatically cycle through. Create a new tour, give it a name and description, set a default dwell time, add the necessary cameras and recorders to the tour and get a virtual tour of your premise according to the camera sequence.

Safeguard Assets

Considering the rate that which video equipment are evolving, monitoring a skyrocketing quantity of high-resolution video data is becoming extremely challenging. From metro stations and airports to casinos and urban roads – operators need to view several cameras at once in order to get a complete and uninterrupted overview of a location. Modern VMS empowers security operators to effectively manage high-resolution video streams in their day-to-day work. With ultra high resolution, advanced search options, maps, virtual tours, and cloud storage – VMS is just what you need to safeguard your assets!

Source by Toya T Peterson

Putting A Lens On Cyber Security Training

Cyber security, also popularly known as information technology security is an area of specialization that focuses on protecting networks, data, programs and computers from authorized access, destruction or change.

Cyber security skills are required by corporations, hospitals, military, governments, financial institutions and other any other bodies that might need to protect their information.

Cyber security training

To have cyber security skills you need to undertake cyber security training. This is a training that is offered in a number of government and private institutions.

During your study you will focus on four main areas: white collar crime, information risk management, cyber law and digital forensics.

White collar crime: this is a non-violent crime that is done by skilled professionals. As a cyber crime student you will focus on computer fraud. This is where you will study ways used by hackers to access computers and get sensitive information such as: credit card, bank and proprietary information.

After studying the different ways, you will learn ways of avoiding them. This can include: coming up with unique computer codes, installing special software and many other effective ways.

Information risk management: here you learn how to assess, mitigate, and evaluate data risks. Basically you learn how to identify when there is an information breach. You also learn the different countermeasures that you can take to manage the problem.

In the course you will learn about the different tools that you can use to identify a breach and how to control the problem as soon as possible.

As a great cyber security expert you should not only control the problem, you should also put measures in place to ensure that the problem doesn’t happen again.

Cyber law: this is where you learn the laws that relate to the internet. The course is meant to enlighten you on what is right and what isn’t on the internet. It also lets you know the repercussions of breaking the laws.

Cyber law is broad and touches different areas including: privacy, communication and freedom of speech, hardware, software, email, websites, intellectual property, data storage devices and any other area that your tutor might feel necessary to touch on.

Digital forensics: this is basically the study of ways and techniques of collecting, analysing and preserving electronic data for future use. You will learn the different techniques of getting data from different devices and analysing it. You will also learn how to store the data in different devices and in different forms.


As you have seen there is a lot that you will learn in cyber security training. There is high demand for excellent cyber security experts. To be a great expert you need to attend a great learning institution.

While there are many institutions offering the training, only a few are great. You should do your research and only attend the best institution that is convenient for you.

Source by Manoj Sharma

Tips to Make Your SSL Secure

As SSL technology evolves and changes, new vulnerabilities begin to cause problems. Secure socket layer (SSL) technology has changed in recent years, and new vulnerabilities have also been discovered. This tip explores the new SSL security landscape and outlines emerging security issues. Read on to learn the latest on these SSL security issues and steps companies can take to cover them and implement SSL securely:

The SSL certificate

The SSL certificate is a key component of SSL security and indications to users that the website can be trusted. With this in mind, it must be obtained from a reliable certificate authority (CA) – the larger the market share the better, as that means there is less chance the certificate will be revoked. Organizations should not rely on self-signed certificates. The certificate should ideally use the SHA-2 hashing algorithm, as there are currently no known vulnerabilities in this algorithm.

Extended validation (EV) certificates provide another means of increasing trust in the security of the website. Most browsers show websites that have EV certificates in a safe green color, providing a strong visual clue to end users that the website can be considered safe to use.

Disable support for weak ciphers

Almost all web servers support strong (128 bit) or very strong (256 bit) encryption ciphers, but many also support weak encryption, which can be exploited by hackers to compromise your enterprise network security. There is no reason to support weak ciphers, and they can be disabled in a couple of minutes by configuring your server with a line like:


Make sure your server does not support insecure renegotiation

The SSL and TLS Authentication Gap vulnerability allows a man-in-the-middle to use renegotiation to inject arbitrary content into an encrypted data stream. Most major vendors have issued patches for this vulnerability, so if you have not already done so make it a priority to implement secure renegotiation or disable insecure renegotiation (making any necessary changes to your site) at the very least.

Ensure that all stages of authentication are performed over SSL

Protecting your user credentials is key, and that means sending users your login form over an SSL connection as well as protecting their credentials with SSL when they are submitted to you. Failure to do this makes it possible for hackers to intercept your form and replace it with an evil insecure one that forwards users' credentials to their own servers.

Do not mix SSL protected content and plaintext on your web pages

Mixed content can lead to your site being compromised because a single unprotected resource like Javascript could be used to inject malicious code or lead to a man-in-the-middle attack.

Use HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to protect your domains (including sub-domains)

When your website is protected using HSTS, after the first visit all links to the website are converted from http to https automatically, and visitors can not access the site again unless it is verified by a valid, non-self-signed certificate. That means that hackers will be unable to divert your users to a phishing site that they control over an insecure link (using SSL stripping) or steal unsecured session cookies (using Firesheep.)

Protect cookies using the HttpOnly and Secure flags

Cookies that are used for authentication for the duration of an SSL session can be used to compromise the session's SSL security. The HttpOnly flag makes the cookies you issue invisible to client side scripts, so they can not be stolen via cross-site scripting exploits, while the secure flag means the cookie can only be transmitted over an encrypted SSL connection and therefore can not be intercepted.

Configuring your web server to issue cookies with both the HttpOnly and Secure attributes protects against both types of attacks.

Use Extended Validation (EV) certificates

Although this is not vital for the security of your site, EV certificates give a clear visual confirmation in most browser address bars that visitors have made a secure SSL connection to a site that is really yours, and have not been diverted to a phishing site. EV certificates are only issued after a certificate authority has taken rigid steps to confirm your identity and that you own or control the domain name for which the certificate is being issued.

Ensure your certificates include subdomains

To avoid site visitors getting certificate errors make sure that both <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href=""> </a> and <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href=""> </a> are covered by your SSL certificate.

You can do this using a multi-domain SSL certificate which will usually allow you to specify up to three Subject Alternative Names (SANs)

Run an online SSL Server test

You can check your overall SSL security posture, including SSL server configuration, certificate chain, and protocol and cipher suite support, as well as search for known weaknesses such as the renegotiation vulnerability, using the free Qualys SSL Labs SSL Server Test https: //

Source by Saumya Sinha

Security Solutions

If you have read my (numerous!) surety articles online, you may think bonds are the only thing I care about. While this is true, I do have ideas on other subjects and here is one that has me worried: Cyber Security.

The threats are all around us: Phishing, hacking, denial of service attacks, viruses, identity theft and credit card fraud. It is obvious that the bad guys will never let up, never stop looking for ways to take advantage of people – unless we do something dramatic to thwart them forever.

So here they are, solutions that are inexpensive or FREE! that will help protect you, your privacy and your assets.

Protect Your Data

Do you trust the “cloud”? What if they lose your data, sell it or they get hacked?! Here is a solution that will protect your passwords, account numbers and other valuable info, prevent all internet and email scams and assure that you have complete access to all your info, all the time.

This solution is portable and permanent, and the total cost is (you’re gonna love this): $1.79 at Staples.

This security solution is called a “Pocket Notepad.” Here’s how it works.

You write down all your important stuff, then you put the notepad in your pocket.

THAT’S IT! No hacking, no phishing, and you can take it with you when you go fishing. Totally portable!

Credit Card Fraud

So many ways for thieves to get your info. They use skimmers to read your data. There is malware, web scams and picking through your trash.

Here is a security solution that will prevent all unauthorized use of you credit / debit cards – and this one is Free! This solution is called “Cash.”

Cash is paper money and coins issued by the government. You can use it to buy anything, and it is accepted everywhere. Pay with Cash and never worry again about unauthorized access to your account.


Facebook and other social network platforms gather your info – then what? There is no way to predict who may have access and then misuse it.

Our final security solution is another Free one! This will absolutely protect your info from misuse or attack on the internet. You will still have the ability to pursue new relationships and maintain current friendships as you do with your current social media.

In fact, this solution goes even further! It enables an enhanced level of communication where you not can see the individual in real time, and actually touch them! It is called “Talking.” You talk to the person, they answer you and (get this) they are right in the room with you!!! Insane!

This is actually a very old concept that has been used successfully for thousands of years. It is tried and proven – and it could work for you, too.

So there you have them, three great inexpensive / free solutions to the cyber threats we face. Technology may be the cause of the problem, but it is not necessarily the cure. With this article, we invite you to consider the following:

  1. You may not find the solution to every problem in your cell phone. I admit they are cool and do a lot – more every day. But sometimes “old school” is better. Try giving it a chance occasionally.
  2. You think all Bond People are boring? We’re not! We love to use our knowledge and creativity to solve bonding problems. Our underwriting staff has many (many, many) years of contract surety expertise. When you call needing a bid or performance bond up to $10 million, our greatest joy is to be the solution you were looking for. Keep this number in your new $1.79 Notepad: 856-304-7348.

Source by Steven Golia