StarCraft 2 Strategies – Zerg Rush Build Order – Nydus Bust

Looking for a good Zerg rush build order for Starcraft 2? Well look no longer my fellow gamers you've found one. This Zerg rush build order is not one for newbs nor is it necessarily one for advanced players. Its more of an intermediate build order that can catch an unsuspecting player off guard and land you a decisive win. So lets take a look at the technical aspects of this Zerg rush build order, the Nydus Bust.

Zerg Rush Build Order: Nydus Bust

  • 10/10 Extractor
  • 9/10 Overlord
  • 14/18 Spawning Pool
  • 15/18 Overlord
  • 15/26 Hatchery
  • 14/26 4 Zerglings
  • 16/26 Queen
  • 18/26 8 Zerglings
  • 22/26 Queen
  • 24/28 6 Zerglings
  • 27/28 Overlord
  • 27/36 6 Zerglings
  • 33/36 2
  • 35/36 Overlord
  • 42/44 Lair
  • 42/44 Overlord
  • 43/44 Zergling Speed
  • 44/44 Gas
  • 49/52 2 Overlords
  • 50/52 Nydus Network
  • 49/60 As many Zerglings as you can manage (at least 30)
  • 65/68 Nydus Worm

Things to remember for the Nydus Bust

  • Queens should be using inject larvae
  • Use your first Overlord to scout the edge of the enemy base where you will put the worm
  • Expand to get more minerals / gas quickly
  • If you do not win the bust you are still fine just tech to Hydralisks or Mutalisks and keep going
  • Spawn the Nydus Worm out of sight. It does no good if it gets destroyed before your lings get out and do damage
  • Set your Lair to send new units straight to the network and keep them coming during your attack (hotkeys are critical)

Counters to this Zerg Rush Build Order:

  • Destroy the worm before it lets your units out
  • Detection of your Nydus Network before you have a chance to get the worm down

Targets for the Nydus Bust

  1. Defensive units
  2. Worker Units
  3. If Protoss kill the pylons around production structures to keep them from using them
  4. Nexus / Lair / Command Center

There you have it. A good Zerg rush build order for an intermediate player that wants to win a few matches decisively. Remember this strategy works for a rush against their main base but it can be expanded to attack any expansion that you see that is relatively undefended!

Source by Christopher R Olson