Top 3 Benefits of Joining a MLM Company

As the number one income earner in my MLM company, I can tell you there are many reasons to join a network marketing company. Network marketing has given me the time freedom to do what I want with who I want, when I want. If you are considering joining a MLM company, here are some considerations:

Joining a MLM company is NOT just for the money (but it helps)

I personally know people who have made millions of dollars in network marketing but that is not the only reason to do it. There are many ways to make a big income in this world but none that I believe have as low amount of risk or as high as amount of residual income as a network marketing company. I got into real estate for residual income and started buying low income rental houses and let me tell you, there is NOTHING low risk about that! When you have low risk and high residual income, that greatly affects your lifestyle. Some people may not need more money but most people would like a better lifestyle.

Joining a Network Marketing company may get you to see the world

Since joining my networking company about 18 months ago, I have won the following company trips:

– A 5 day stay in St Kitts
– a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas
– a 4 day stay at the Atlantis Resort
– a 7 day cruise through the western Caribbean
– a 7 day cruise through the eastern Caribbean

MLM companies like to reward the families of high producers and they do things that no other type of industry does.

Joining and succeeding at a MLM company means no longer asking permission

The biggest thing I do not miss about corporate America is asking for permission. Asking for permission if I can take time off to take my kids to the dentist. I no longer have to ask for permission to take time off to attend someone's wedding. I guess since joining a MLM company, I am unemployable!

Source by Ray Higdon