Will Network Marketing Robo-Calling Get You To Run For Your Checkbook And Sign-Up?

Or will it make you run for the hills?

The good news is: network marketers have a new marketing tool. The bad news is: this new tool, robo-calling, makes annoying calls to other network marketers who – like me – are foolish enough to put their telephone number on their blog or website.

Perfect timing. I will be right back, my cell phone is ringing.

The caller id reveals that my caller is calling me from 1-866-3723141. The number does not look familiar but I answer it…although usually an “800” number just smells of a network marketer spammer. Turns out this was a live call center call made on behalf of a network marketer. Guess the networker was too gutless to make the call on his/her own. The caller identified himself as “Jay” and began his spiel, “Andy, I understand that you are looking for another way to supplement your income…” I informed my good buddy “Jay” that I was not interested. Click. (I was trained to reverse recruit any telemarketer but in my nearly 20 years in this business, I have yet to see any result from this technique except wasting a lot of time and energy.)

If you want to annoy any MLMer who is working this business, by all means sign-up for one of these “we will call prospects for you” or “robo-calling services”. But what will be the results? Will you attract top networkers into your business? Or will you attract the bottom feeders who like this robo-calling approach and are eager to join your business with the hopes that they too can have someone else dial for dollars for them.

I hate to burst your bubble but there is no easy way to build your network marketing business. There is no one in the world better able to sincerely present you as YOU. Your leaders can assist you with three way calls to assist you in speaking to your prospects but ultimately if you really want them to join your business, they must have confidence in YOU…not me…not your leaders.

Do I have enough confidence in a “Jay” to even listen to his pitch realizing that he is making a call on behalf of someone else? (By the way, “Jay”, lose the “800” number that you are calling from. You will get more people picking up their phones even if it is from an area code they are not familiar with than picking up a phone called from an “800” number.)

Some networkers are quite successful at making their own cold calls. Be assured, I am not one of them. What I do is use various marketing techniques to get potential recruits calling me, ASKING me what it is all about rather than my calling them and TELLING them what it is all about.

Gotta go. My cell phone is going off again. One can only hope it is “Jay” calling me back.

Source by Andy J. Acciaioli